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  • Stamp Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • SMSF Compliance
  • Building & Strata Insurance
  • Family Law
  • Probate
  • Changing Unit Entitlements
  • Pre-Purchase Valuations
  • Pre-Sale Valuations
  • Mortgage Security


Stamp Duty

The Office of State Revenue requires Stamp Duty to be paid on the transfer of certain assets including property. If the parties are related (such as a sale from parents to children), the sale is deemed not to be at ‘arms length’ and an independent Stamp Duty Valuation will be needed to determine the correct figure on which the duty will be assessed.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax applies to all investment properties purchased after September 1985. It is a tax assessed on the sale of an asset such as property, when it is sold for more than its purchase price. A current or retrospective valuation will assist in determining the actual increase in a property’s value. Coffs Coast Valuations can provide a capital gains tax Valuation for your situation, current or backdated.

SMSF Compliance

Coffs Coast Valuations offer Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Valuations with annual Market Value assessments for residential, commercial and industrial property. Valuations for SMSF reporting purposes may be required by the Australian Tax office and your accountant. For more information please click here

Building & Strata Insurance

Coffs Coast Valuations specialise in Building Insurance Valuations for Strata Property. We provide Insurance Valuations for residential, commercial and industrial Strata Schemes.

Family Law

Valuations for family law matters are provided to assist in disputes which may arise between two parties regarding the current market value of a property. Coffs Coast Valuations are qualified and independent property professionals who are bound by the code of conduct of the Australian Property Institute.


Valuations for deceased estates are used to determine the asset value of a particular estate. Having a probate Valuation carried out on properties forming part of the estate can help executors and beneficiaries appropriately administer the estate and minimise the possibility of dispute. Probate Valuations can be backdated to the date of death. An independent Valuation establishes fair market value at a specific date.

Changing Unit Entitlements

Unit Entitlements are critical in that they establish the owners proportion of levy contributions, voting rights and beneficial interest in the common property. The financial consequences for owners can be significant if the unit entitlements are not correct. Until recently, many unit entitlements were determined by the developer using inaccurate methods and a major proportion of these are unreasonable and offer sufficient grounds for review. For more information please click here

Pre-Purchase Valuations

A pre-purchase Valuation report gives the purchaser a powerful document to begin negotiations. Before you make an offer on your dream home or unit, it is in your best interest to request a pre-purchase Valuation to ensure that you are not paying too much. A pre-purchase Valuation report can strengthen your negotiation position by providing comprehensive information about the true value of the property. It can potentially save thousands…don’t pay over current market value!

Pre-Sale Valuations

A pre-sale valuation will assist a vendor to determine the true current market value of their property. Pricing your property too low has an obvious cost but setting the selling price too high can also prove costly. Agent’s appraisals can vary significantly however an independent Valuation will assist in setting a suitable sale price and avoiding unwanted extended selling periods.

Mortgage Security

Coffs Coast Valuations provides property Valuation reports for mortgage purposes for a range of clients including banks, credit unions, building societies and other financial institutions.

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