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Never buy a property without a ValuationHouseFinder Image

Before you make an offer, ask us for a Pre-Purchase valuation which will ensure that you are not paying too much for that special property! A Valuation gives the purchaser a powerful document to begin negotiations.

Q – Why should I have my property valued?

A – If you are buying or selling property, Coffs Coast Valuations can provide you with an accurate, independent market value to establish the true value of what may be your largest investment. You may also require a Valuation if you are involved in a family, marital or deceased estate settlement, undertaking a subdivision or development project, have land that is subject to an acquisition or if you are seeking finance for any property transaction.

Q – Is a Valuation the same as a Real Estates appraisal?

A- No, an appraisal is conducted by a local real estate agent, not a registered property Valuer governed by the Australian Property Institute. An agents appraisal does not represent a qualified Valuation.

Q – Why should I use Coffs Coast Valuations?

A – Coffs Coast Valuations will ensure that you receive an accurate, professional Valuation report supported by expert local knowledge, research and sales analysis. Our focus is to provide a reliable and cost effective service to our local clients and to maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction, with reports being provided within 48 hours of inspection for residential property. All of our property Valuers are Certified Practising Valuers and are members of the Australian Property Institute.

Q – What will a Valuation cost?

A – The valuation fee depends upon the type of property however it is a small investment compared to the thousands of dollars that could be saved by having an independent market Valuation carried out. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have not paid too much for that property is priceless. Don’t pay over market value!

Q – How to pay for our services?

A – Payment is preferred on inspection date or to be made prior to the release of the Valuation report. Payment can be made by cheque or online direct deposit.

Q – How can I request a Valuation?

A – The best and simplest way is to submit an online enquiry on our contact page, or please call us on 66500922.

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